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Starting Go-To-Market Strategy Off Right: Jobs-to-Be-Done and Actionable Outcomes

The first step of our research offerings for your Go-To-Market Strategy involves an exploration of customer needs and defining the Jobs-To-Be-Done for your product. In this stage, we help answer the important questions you need to ask to guide your innovation and development—namely, why choose your product or service and what outcomes are needed for your product or service?

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Logica Research Writes about “Zillennials” for The Financial Brand

The latest wave of our Logica® Future of Money Study included an exploration of a new micro-generation called “Zillennials,” which combines traits from both Millennials and Generation Z. In a recent article published by The Financial Brand, “Zillennials: The Millennial & Gen Z Mash-Up with Unique Financial Needs,” our CEO Lilah Raynor shares insights regarding the money habits of Zillennials.

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Go-To-Market Research Resources at Logica

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy for a new product or service requires a thorough examination of multiple aspects of the launch space. In order to achieve success, financial brands, fintech companies and other growing organizations can use various market research steps to gain a comprehensive understanding.

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Zillennials: Technology, Social Media, Culture and Money

The term “Zillennials” is a newer generational label that is showing up recently. Zillennial refers to a demographic cohort that includes individuals born roughly on the cusp between the late 1990s and the early 2010s. The term “Zillennials” is a blend of “Millennials” and “Generation Z,” reflecting the overlapping characteristics and experiences of these two generations. To help us understand Zillennials, we are hosting a webinar this month focusing on aspects of this group.

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News 6

Logica Research at FinovateSpring 2023

The global fintech landscape is a place of rapid evolution, and emerging trends are constantly reshaping the way consumers interact with financial services. We follow these trends closely in our ongoing Logica® Future of Money Report, and will be also digging into what’s new at FinovateSpring in San Francisco this May.

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