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What’s in a Name? Product Naming Research with Logica

Effective and strategic product naming is a key component within the broader framework of a brand, product or service’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy. How you approach the naming research process, the alignment of internal and external elements, and the right research design can make all the difference.

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Decoding the Purchase Journey Through Effective Market Research

Understanding the path that buyers navigate on their journey to decision-making is crucial for the success of any product or service. Designing and implementing the right market research study can uncover understanding of this journey and help you obtain the actionable insights that can shape your business strategies surrounding the purchase journey of your customers.

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News 6

Logica and Commonwealth Partner on Financial Security Study

The report, “Feeling the Heat: Climate Change’s Impact on Worker Financial Security,” was released this month, the result of a market research partnership between Commonwealth and Logica. This study looked deeply at how the extreme or unusual weather events associated with climate change are taking a toll on the financial well-being of American workers, especially those in low to moderate income brackets.

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News 7

Logica at Money20/20: Where Money Does Business

We are headed to Money20/20 in Las Vegas next week, October 22-25. This annual event is a significant global gathering within the financial industry, encompassing various sectors like banking, payments, technology, retail, fintech and more. Experts and innovators come together here to exchange ideas, creating a unique space for valuable insights into the future of finance.

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News 8

The Power of Thought Leadership Research in Financial Services, Fintech & Beyond

Market research to support thought leadership initiatives and public relations efforts is critical to the strategic marketing and communications mix for your brand in any industry, including financial services and fintech. Using the right insights, you can support your marketing by answering your key stakeholders’ and target audiences’ important questions in a highly credible way.

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News 9

Starting Go-To-Market Strategy Off Right: Jobs-to-Be-Done and Actionable Outcomes

The first step of our research offerings for your Go-To-Market Strategy involves an exploration of customer needs and defining the Jobs-To-Be-Done for your product. In this stage, we help answer the important questions you need to ask to guide your innovation and development—namely, why choose your product or service and what outcomes are needed for your product or service?

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