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Product development and innovation for financial services and fintech companies requires a nuanced understanding of the industry. Logica® can help uncover product and service opportunities for both consumer audiences and B2B markets. Whatever the business goals may be, let us help get the right financial marketing research insights to serve customers and stay competitive.

How Logica® helped a major financial institution move forward confidently with a global product redesign.​

A major financial institution was considering a global redesign of their credit card products with the goal of increasing conversion and usage. First, they needed help coordinating internal stakeholders from multiple regions to clarify objectives and focus. Then, they needed to understand better how people store and use their cards, so they could find opportunities for competitive differentiation.
Our marketing research solution included several steps, including taking a consultative approach to working with the client. First, we helped align internal stakeholders across the world to solidify research objectives. Then, we applied our global financial services market research expertise to work quickly and nimbly. Finally, we designed a survey that resulted in the delivery of key global brand benchmark metrics, coordinating translations and programming in ten countries, and interpreting and visually presenting results in a way that was immediately meaningful to all stakeholders.
The financial institution gained insights that were critical to informing a product design decision—and perhaps just as important, their diverse internal stakeholders gained a valuable tool for alignment.

How Logica® helped a major financial institution develop a product to move customers from curiosity to conversion.​

When a major financial institution launched an exciting new online investment tool, the response was disappointing. Existing customers were visiting and clicking, but not converting into customers. So our client came to us for help identifying where the barriers were.

We needed to examine the entire customer experience—was the path to purchase effective, was the messaging resonating with the target market, and was this the right target market at all? We explored all of those questions in a robust, multi-phase study that included both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Equipped with meaningful insights and actionable recommendations, our client was able to improve the effectiveness and delivery of key messages, refine the design of the tool itself, and successfully optimize their customer conversion strategy.

Service & Product Development Research

When financial brands launch new products or services, or enhance and update existing ones through feature optimization, they need to consider how these changes will impact target audiences and address the wants and needs of their customers—both current and future. By engaging Logica Research for product development and innovation research, brands can make sure they meet, and exceed, customer demands—and stack up against competition in the marketplace.

Examining Customer Experience with Logica®

How do customers really feel about their interaction or experience with a financial brand and their products or services? By exploring customer experience truths, through qualitative research and quantitative research with Logica Research, financial brands can make every encounter with their brand the best it can be.

Concept Testing for Financial Brands

Financial brands have lots of ideas for improving products and services and are constantly innovating to stay relevant and keep customers happy. By engaging Logica® for concept testing of the next big idea, brands can be assured that they will have the insights they need to successfully launch their ideas into the real world.

Customer Journey Mapping

What better way to meet customer demand than to truly understand every point of interaction? With Logica®, creating a visual story of customer interactions with financial brands lets them step in and see all stages of the customer journey and purchase decision journey from the perspective that matters most—the customer themselves. This process uncovers pain points, allowing brands to innovate to fix those pain points and succeed in the market.

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