Buyer journey research for financial services.

Understanding your buyer’s journey to purchase decision making is key to marketplace success.

How Logica® helped a leading B2B financial software provider drive acquisition in a competitive market.


A leading B2B financial software provider whose product helps simplify financial transactions wanted to better understand the purchase journey in order to drive acquisition. The client had an opportunity to increase inbound leads at the top of the acquisition funnel through more effective marketing campaigns.


Logica® conducted in-depth interviews with clients and prospects to dig deep into the purchase journey. The research focused on the top of the sales funnel to understand what drives awareness and consideration. Through our in-depth analysis we were able to uncover current pain points, awareness, consideration set and what drives the buyer decision.


With our in-depth interviews, analysis based on industry experience, and a visual presentation, we helped our client create a more effective marketing campaign, identify the impact of promotions and price, and improve overall effectiveness to drive business growth among its B2B customers.

Buyer Journey Research

Understanding how individuals move through their buying decision and buyer journey is key to the success of financial products and financial services. Where do consumers go to research financial brands? Who are consumer financial influencers and how important are they? What is the consumer experience with your brand in the buyer journey? The insights you gain will inform the optimal buyer experience to increase conversion and drive acquisition for your financial brand, products and services.

B2B Purchase Journey Research

The B2B purchase journey is disrupted, and custom insights with your B2B buyers will help you create a winning acquisition strategy and plan. From the top of the acquisition funnel to the bottom of the acquisition funnel, custom B2B marketing research can help inform how to develop marketing campaigns to reach your B2B buyer where they are, how to message to message to them, how to support your B2B sales strategy and team, and how to ultimately increase your B2B business. Learn more about purchase journey research.

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