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Future of Money: Insights for products and services that deepen brand engagement

Technology is changing how we earn, spend, save and invest. Consumers have more tools than ever, but that doesn’t always translate to a feeling of security. Through our own ongoing, proprietary research, we’re tracking the future of money and the future of work to inspire the product and service development that will improve people’s financial lives and deepen brand engagement.

Future of Money: market research on the future of money consumer mindset

Future of Money Millennial

Millennials Are Taking Charge: New Future of Money Report

In a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, the latest Logica® Future of Money Study looks at how Americans across all generations, particularly Millennials, are navigating complex financial landscapes—and shows how people are seeking ways to increase their financial stability and find trusted advice.

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Future of Money 4

The Future of Work

Our recent Logica® Future of Money Study shares what’s going on, by generation, in the world of work—and how employers can offer financial programs and advice that meets employee needs.

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Future of Money 5

What Quiet Quitting means for the Future of Work

Employers clearly need to understand the employee mindset and motivations in today’s world. Using market research to not only accomplish a successful employee feedback loop to create a better work environment but also to understand what financial programs to implement or introduce to help add more value to the workplace is key.

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Future of Money 6

What’s Going On With Gen Z and Money?

Recently, we released the latest wave of the Logica® Future of Money Study and it included a look at generational financial personas—including data on what’s happening with Gen Z. Some of the key findings were featured in an article for Advisorpedia: “What’s Going on with Gen Z and Money?”

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Crypto Trends

What in the World is Going on with Crypto?

Our latest Logica® Future of Money Study includes a special highlight report on the very dynamic cryptocurrency market. To better understand what the future might hold, we have been examining trends and insights regarding Americans’ Crypto usage, awareness and investment barriers.

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Logica’s newest Future of Money highlights report explores insights on current and future consumer money mindset— focusing on trends in saving, investing, and financial advice. Discover where Americans seek financial guidance and how the economy and technology shape these trends.