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The Future of Work

Our recent Logica® Future of Money Study shares what’s going on, by generation, in the world of work—and how employers can offer financial programs and advice that meets employee needs.

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What Quiet Quitting means for the Future of Work

Employers clearly need to understand the employee mindset and motivations in today’s world. Using market research to not only accomplish a successful employee feedback loop to create a better work environment but also to understand what financial programs to implement or introduce to help add more value to the workplace is key.

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What’s Going On With Gen Z and Money?

Recently, we released the latest wave of the Logica® Future of Money Study and it included a look at generational financial personas—including data on what’s happening with Gen Z. Some of the key findings were featured in an article for Advisorpedia: “What’s Going on with Gen Z and Money?”

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Logica Value Proposition Research

Logica has worked with banks, wealth management companies, payment companies, growing tech companies, and other organizations to help them understand the right way to position their products and services in crowded markets.

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TMRE 2022

The Market Research Event 2022 TMRE (The Market Research Event) is coming up in San Antonio this month, and our CEO & Founder Lilah Raynor is headed there to mix

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Generational Financial Personas

Generational Financial Personas Generational trends form customer expectations of financial brands The forces that shape the different generations in America also shape the way Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and

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