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Upcoming: Money Conversations with "Zillennials"

Wednesday, June 14th at 10AM Pacific


Don’t miss learning about the highlights from the new Future of Money Study in this quick 30 minute webinar! We will be sharing specifically how Zillennials–older Gen Zers and young Millennials—are thinking about their money so you can build the products, services and experiences that will attract this resourceful generation.


Also included in the webinar are insights about how ChatGPT and AI technologies, along with privacy and security, are impacting people’s money management.

Money Conversations: New Future of Money Study

Access this new Money Conversation on the latest and greatest from the Logica Future of Money highlights! This quick 20-minute webinar will give you key insights about the consumer money mindset among the different generations, the inside scoop on the state of cryptocurrency and trend insights on how people make, spend and invest money.

Money Conversations with Gen Zers and Millennials

Get the recording of this Money Conversation webinar where we highlighted key insights about the consumer money mindset among Gen Zers and Millennials. We looked at their views around saving, investing, and Crypto—and the help they need to manage their money lives.  You will hear directly from interviews with Gen Zers and Millennials and see select findings from the Logica® Future of Money Study.

Money Conversations: Millennials & The Future of Money

Download the recording of this 30-minute Money Conversation to delve into some future-oriented insights from the Logica® Future of Money Study that will help design and deliver financial products for Millennials—a  generation continuing to be very different from any other. Hear about how Millennials are approaching work, planning for their financial futures, investing in the stock market, and looking to financial advisors for financial advice.

Money Conversations: Gen Z on the Future of Money

Want to know how Gen Z thinks about money? Download the quick-hit 20 minute recording for future-oriented insights to help design and deliver financial products for the next generation, with insights from the Logica® Future of Money Study. The session was coupled with sharp conversations with members of this resourceful generation on how they work their side-hustles during tough times, figure out how to manage payments and use credit, and why they are already investing.

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