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How Logica® helped a financial trade association leverage their brand equity toward a successful repositioning.

Since 2012, we’ve conducted an ongoing brand health tracking study for IMCA, now Investments and Wealth Institute. So when they were ready to consider rebranding their organization, they trusted our research expertise and guidance. They wanted our help determining if a rebrand was necessary, how it would be received, and how best to proceed.
We conducted brand equity research, looking at the experiences of members and non-members in the context of the association’s core values. Through qualitative and quantitative methods, we explored the appeal of new brand positioning, value proposition, naming, and messaging.
The Investments and Wealth Institute gained the insights they needed to confidently guide a rebranding effort. Using these insights, they developed a powerful new brand identity, name, and messages that make it easier for people to understand who they are and what they do. The rebrand has resonated with both members and non-members, driving member acquisition and engagement.

How Logica® helped a major investment firm deepen brand engagement.

A major investment firm wanted to differentiate itself in the market, to deepen brand engagement, and to expand its market of financial advisors and affluent clients.
We conducted a multi-phased study, including interviews, online discussion boards, and quantitative online surveys, among multiple target markets and stakeholder groups to explore the most compelling brand positioning, value proposition, and supporting messages and proof points. Our research employed stimulus materials, moderating techniques, and analytical tools to pull out key brand differentiators. And our visual storytelling helped facilitate productive conversations to drive decisions.
We summarized this multi-phase project in a synthesized visual report that helped align stakeholders, identify messaging recommendations, and inform an impactful marketing campaign.


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How Logica® helped a major financial institution move forward confidently with a global product redesign.​

A major financial institution was considering a global redesign of their credit card products with the goal of increasing conversion and usage. First, they needed help coordinating internal stakeholders from multiple regions to clarify objectives and focus. Then, they needed to understand better how people store and use their cards, so they could find opportunities for competitive differentiation.
Our marketing research solution included several steps, including taking a consultative approach to working with the client. First, we helped align internal stakeholders across the world to solidify research objectives. Then, we applied our global financial services market research expertise to work quickly and nimbly. Finally, we designed a survey that resulted in the delivery of key global brand benchmark metrics, coordinating translations and programming in ten countries, and interpreting and visually presenting results in a way that was immediately meaningful to all stakeholders.
The financial institution gained insights that were critical to informing a product design decision—and perhaps just as important, their diverse internal stakeholders gained a valuable tool for alignment.

How Logica® helped a major financial institution develop a product to move customers from curiosity to conversion.​

When a major financial institution launched an exciting new online investment tool, the response was disappointing. Existing customers were visiting and clicking, but not converting into customers. So our client came to us for help identifying where the barriers were.

We needed to examine the entire customer experience—was the path to purchase effective, was the messaging resonating with the target market, and was this the right target market at all? We explored all of those questions in a robust, multi-phase study that included both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Equipped with meaningful insights and actionable recommendations, our client was able to improve the effectiveness and delivery of key messages, refine the design of the tool itself, and successfully optimize their customer conversion strategy.


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How Logica® helped a major financial institution inform their value proposition and refine their messaging.

A major financial institution had updated their value proposition for affluent clients, and they needed feedback in order to measure their marketing effectiveness. Specifically, they wanted to understand consumer preferences for financial and investment product advice and how to best develop a message strategy to target those users.
We did our homework, conducting interviews with internal stakeholders, reviewing relevant prior research, and leveraging our 25 years of experience conducting research among financial advisors. We created a quantitative survey that would help optimize the customer experience—building a customer experience with the greatest benefit and value to the customer. Using a MaxDiff trade-off exercise in the questionnaire, along with carefully crafted questions, we were able to identify the most preferred consumer benefits.
Our research confirmed that clients preferred to consult with their financial advisor for personalized advice and product recommendations, which empowered them to move forward with confidence. We also identified the most compelling messages in support of our client’s value proposition.

How Logica® leveraged customer journeys for a leading software provider to drive acquisition in a critical market.


We worked with a leading B2B financial software provider whose product helps simplify financial transactions. Our client wanted to better understand the customer journey among mid-size company clients and prospects. They needed to identify key marketing touchpoints, inform marketing content, and drive customer acquisition.

Our experienced researchers conducted in-depth interviews with company clients and prospects to dig deep into the path to purchase. We looked at cross-channel marketing touchpoints, identifying the relative importance of digital and offline content and type of content. Through our in-depth analysis, we were able to uncover what type of content is most important at what point in the journey for different segments of customers and prospects.
With a visual presentation of our insights and analysis, we helped our client prioritize marketing programs by channel, improve overall advertising effectiveness, and drive business growth among mid-market B2B customers.


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How Logica® helped a major financial institution inform their value proposition and refine their messaging.

After seeing the Logica Future of Money Study, which included insights on the future of work, PayPal came to Logica to learn more. They wanted to explore the future of work, including how people are being paid and how they manage their cash flow in different countries across the world. They were eager to find ways to help underserved customers. They wanted to inspire the world’s leaders in government and business at the World Economic Forum to help develop consumer solutions in the gig economy.
Because of Logica’s deep expertise on the future of money and the future of work, our experienced financial services marketing research team was able to work quickly, designing an impactful research study. We conducted the study in eight countries and multiple languages and provided insights quickly that was critical to content and thought leadership on the future of work.
Leveraging insights from our research, PayPal urged world leaders to rethink the design of retail financial services within the context of the future of work. The study continues to generate press, reinforcing PayPal’s thought leadership around the gig economy and the evolving world of the future of money and the future of work.

How Logica® delivered a PR and thought leadership PR program to a major financial institution.

Charles Schwab sought to establish its brand and leadership position among independent financial advisors.

We worked with Charles Schwab to develop a provocative thought leadership study that would gain media coverage and provide new insights to the independent registered investment advisor (RIA) industry.

Now running for over a decade, this Schwab Independent Advisor Outlook study offers paradigm-shifting insights in the registered independent advisor industry. The study consistently earns top billing at the industry’s most prestigious conferences, and it’s become the undisputed go-to source for reporters and influencers—generating both industry-specific and mass-market coverage by CNBC, Bloomberg, Investor’s Business Daily, and many more.

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