Use research to improve marketing effectiveness for financial brands.

Get insights to ensure the right marketing messaging, tone and delivery for target audiences.

Get the qualitative and quantitative insights with Logica Research needed to inform advertising effectiveness and marketing strategies to improve marketing effectiveness.

How Logica® helped a major financial institution inform their value proposition and refine their messaging.

A major financial institution had updated their value proposition for affluent clients, and they needed feedback in order to measure their marketing effectiveness. Specifically, they wanted to understand consumer preferences for financial and investment product advice and how to best develop a message strategy to target those users.
We did our homework, conducting interviews with internal stakeholders, reviewing relevant prior research, and leveraging our 25 years of experience conducting research among financial advisors. We created a quantitative survey that would help optimize the customer experience—building a customer experience with the greatest benefit and value to the customer. Using a MaxDiff trade-off exercise in the questionnaire, along with carefully crafted questions, we were able to identify the most preferred consumer benefits.
Our research confirmed that clients preferred to consult with their financial advisor for personalized advice and product recommendations, which empowered them to move forward with confidence. We also identified the most compelling messages in support of our client’s value proposition.

How Logica® leveraged customer journeys for a leading software provider to drive acquisition in a critical market.


We worked with a leading B2B financial software provider whose product helps simplify financial transactions. Our client wanted to better understand the customer journey among mid-size company clients and prospects. They needed to identify key marketing touchpoints, inform marketing content, and drive customer acquisition.

Our experienced researchers conducted in-depth interviews with company clients and prospects to dig deep into the path to purchase. We looked at cross-channel marketing touchpoints, identifying the relative importance of digital and offline content and type of content. Through our in-depth analysis, we were able to uncover what type of content is most important at what point in the journey for different segments of customers and prospects.
With a visual presentation of our insights and analysis, we helped our client prioritize marketing programs by channel, improve overall advertising effectiveness, and drive business growth among mid-market B2B customers.

Marketing Effectiveness Tracking Studies

Marketing is key to reach prospective target audiences and keep current customers engaged in the financial marketplace. But financial brands need to deeply understand their target customers in order to resonate with them, and drive new and continued business. It is also important to understand the competitive landscape through Logica’s B2B market research, in addition to consumer market research, to drive marketing effectiveness.

Research for Financial Product Marketing

Go beyond product development to successful financial product marketing communications and marketing campaigns. Logica’s® smart and creative approach to research will help drive acquisition for financial products. By leveraging Logica’s market research approaches, financial brands find the right way to launch financial products and communicate about them to drive product acquisition.

Value Proposition Research with Logica®

Getting the word out effectively about a financial brand’s product and service is key to marketing strategy success and is also key is ensuring that the brand is accurately portraying and communicating customer benefits. Getting specific with audiences about a brand’s value proposition, brands can be sure they are focusing on the right thing for their customers.

Message Testing Market Research

Message testing is a vital part of research needed for marketing effectiveness. By evaluating messaging against competitors through Logica’s B2B market research and through consumer-centric market research, financial brands can hone language so messaging resonates deeply with the audiences they want to reach.

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