Branding research for financial services and fintech industries.

Stay relevant, stay competitive, and boost brand equity.

Using both consumer-centric and B2B market research to inform brand positioning, image, identity, awareness and brand health will ensure relevancy, help give competitive advantage, and boost brand equity.

How Logica® helped a financial trade association leverage their brand equity toward a successful repositioning.

Since 2012, we’ve conducted an ongoing brand health tracking study for IMCA, now Investments and Wealth Institute. So when they were ready to consider rebranding their organization, they trusted our research expertise and guidance. They wanted our help determining if a rebrand was necessary, how it would be received, and how best to proceed.
We conducted brand equity research, looking at the experiences of members and non-members in the context of the association’s core values. Through qualitative and quantitative methods, we explored the appeal of new brand positioning, value proposition, naming, and messaging.
The Investments and Wealth Institute gained the insights they needed to confidently guide a rebranding effort. Using these insights, they developed a powerful new brand identity, name, and messages that make it easier for people to understand who they are and what they do. The rebrand has resonated with both members and non-members, driving member acquisition and engagement.

How Logica® helped a major investment firm deepen brand engagement.

A major investment firm wanted to differentiate itself in the market, to deepen brand engagement, and to expand its market of financial advisors and affluent clients.
We conducted a multi-phased study, including interviews, online discussion boards, and quantitative online surveys, among multiple target markets and stakeholder groups to explore the most compelling brand positioning, value proposition, and supporting messages and proof points. Our research employed stimulus materials, moderating techniques, and analytical tools to pull out key brand differentiators. And our visual storytelling helped facilitate productive conversations to drive decisions.
We summarized this multi-phase project in a synthesized visual report that helped align stakeholders, identify messaging recommendations, and inform an impactful marketing campaign.

Brand Positioning for Financial Companies

Financial brands can’t afford to make assumptions about what their target audiences want from their brand or about what their competitors are doing. Brand positioning research with Logica Research helps financial brands gain the insights and data they need to inform a successful brand positioning strategy that will resonate with their consumers—and fully understand and respond to their target market.

Brand Image & Brand Identity Research

Understanding the perceptions and associations customers have about financial brands helps those brands adjust their marketing and messaging to meet company goals. By using market research with Logica® to gauge customers’ values and beliefs about brand image and identity, effective and successful advertising and marketing strategies can be built.

Financial Brand Awareness Research

Using market research to discover consumer awareness levels about a financial brand, especially relative to competitors, can help maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace. By partnering with Logica Research to examine customers’ brand recall and brand recognition—and examine the competitive landscape through B2B marketing research—financial brands get the data they need to find resonance and preference with target markets.

Brand Health Tracking with Logica®

Brand health tracking is an important measurement of continued success of a financial brand, and Logica Research can help. Using this research strategy not only can help predict consumer choice and behavior regarding brands, it also can help financial brands reach their target markets. Insightful market research that measures brand KPIs is critical to brand success.

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