Research to support public relations research and thought leadership.

Get key data and insights to support press coverage and demonstrate authority in the financial marketplace.

Using market research to inform thought leadership content, public relations outreach, and white paper data points, will ultimately help financial brands gain more press coverage and visibility to target audiences.

How Logica® helped a major financial institution use thought leadership research to reinforce brand positioning, and inspire change.


After seeing the Logica® Future of Money Study, which included insights on the future of work, PayPal came to Logica to learn more. They wanted to explore the future of work, including how people are being paid and how they manage their cash flow in different countries across the world. They wanted to inspire the world’s leaders in government and business at the World Economic Forum to help develop consumer solutions in the gig economy.


Logica’s deep expertise in assessing both the future of money and the future of work meant our experienced financial services marketing research team was able to work in an agile manner to design an impactful research study. We conducted the study in nine countries and provided insights quickly that were critical to content communicated at the World Economic Forum.

Leveraging insights from our research, PayPal urged world leaders to rethink the design of retail financial services within the context of the future of work. The study continues to generate press, reinforcing PayPal’s thought leadership around the gig economy and the evolving world of the future of money and the future of work.

How Logica® delivered a PR and thought leadership program to a major financial institution.


The advisor industry is a large and continuously growing channel for asset aggregation in the wealth management space. A leading custodian for assets among independent advisors was looking to support its already established reputation as the investment firm most ready to serve independent advisors. Logica® worked with the financial institution to create a semi-annual study of independent registered investment advisors (RIAs).


Logica® collaborated closely with the company’s internal teams to develop an ongoing thought leadership program that would support the company’s position in the market and provide fresh insights that would gain media attention in each wave of the study.  The focused sample of RIAs who custody with the financial insitution, along with our attention to salient topics in the industry, lead to mediagenic insights in every wave.


This groundbreaking study is now in its fifteenth year and offers paradigm-shifting insights on the state of the industry—and consistently gets top billing at the industry’s biggest conferences.  It has become the undisputed go-to source for reporters and influencers, generating mass-market and industry-specific coverage with each release: CNBC, Bloomberg, Investor’s Business Daily, and many more.

Market Research to Support Public Relations

Research polls and consumer and B2B opinion research are effective tools to engage with the media and target markets. Opinion research can be used to support PR campaign and media outreach efforts. Brands work with Logica® to ensure their public relations efforts are supported with key data and insights with both consumer-centric market research and B2B market research.

Thought Leadership Research & Content Marketing Research

Part of reaching the right target audiences is demonstrating brand authority in a crowded space. Thought leadership research and research-based marketing content are key components of the marketing strategy mix. Financial brands work with Logica Research to uncover the data needed to support PR research, thought leadership, marketing content, and sales enablement on topics ranging from generational research, to retirement, to consumer investment strategies and more.

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