Getting Message Testing Right for Financial Brands

What is Message Testing?

Message testing is a vital part of research needed for developing the most relevant marketing communications and claims that will drive new and continued business. For more than 25 years, Logica® has been working with financial brands and technology companies to get the insights needed to evaluate how the language they use in their marketing resonates with target markets, customers and prospects.

Messaging can be tested for specific products, services, solutions or brand communications. Maybe you’re launching a new product and you have already decided on your positioning, but need to know what messages will best connect with customers for marketplace success. Message testing helps save you time and money by identifying the right communications to put forward at the time of launch.

Message Testing in Quickly Shifting Industries

By evaluating messaging, financial brands, technology companies and growing organizations can hone language so messaging resonates deeply with the audiences they want to reach. Consumer attitudes shift quickly in the financial and technology landscapes. The best messaging is informed by an exceptional understanding of these fast-moving attitudes, behaviors and emotions.

How Logica Can Help with Message Testing

Logica takes an experienced approach to both B2B message testing and consumer-centric message testing in these quickly moving spaces. Logica’s deep knowledge of the financial services, fintech and technology industries allows for the creation of market research programs that will garner the right insights for the right application in the real marketplace.

Effective Steps to Find the Right Messaging

To find the right messaging for financial institutions, fintech, technology and other growing industries, Logica uses a six step plan.

  1. Understand your target market. Logica is particularly positioned to help clients in the industries we serve due to deep experience and understanding of both the consumer and B2B marketplace.

  2. Uncover the functional and emotional benefits. It is essential to get at the heart of how your brand or product can sync with your specific market using the right market research approaches.

  3. Identify the support points for your messages. This step is vital to creating understanding with your target audiences on every level.

  4. Develop multiple potential messages. These messages can be clearly differentiated from each other, but with a single benefit theme.

  5. Conduct qualitative and quantitative testing. Doing the right testing of the messages among your target market allows you to discover what communication strategy will work best.

  6. Analyze the results to identify the “winning” message! Logica works with clients to take the information into a storytelling format for actionability and useability across departments and stakeholders.
Logica Message Testing

B2B Message Testing Case Study

Logica worked with a B2B payments provider who wanted to differentiate itself in the market by communicating the most relevant and engaging messages for small and medium businesses. Logica conducted a quantitative online survey among multiple target markets to explore the most compelling messages. The project included a range of stimulus materials and carefully chosen analytical tools to identify key messages for this particular target. Visual storytelling of the results and insights were created to help facilitate productive conversations to drive communications decisions. Ultimately, the message testing project and the highly visual reporting helped align stakeholders, identify optimal messages and inform an impactful communications campaign.

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