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Using Credit Card

How Logica® helped a client measure the impact of a branded credit card

Product feature optimization is a market research approach that helps brands identify the optimal combination of product or service features to maximize sales, market share, and product success. Logica works closely with financial, technology and growing organizations to gain the insights and intelligence they need to drive their go-to-market (GTM) strategy and launch successful products.

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Our Work 1

How Logica® informed the redesign of global credit card

With Logica, concept testing starts with a deep understanding of your business and product. We bring our over 25 years of experience in financial services and technology to understand your product idea. We will help you articulate your product to your market and gain the valuable feedback you need to assess the viability and product-market fit of your product.

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Naming Research

How Logica® helped a leading software provider name a new product offering

Choosing the right name for a product is crucial for a successful launch of any new brand, product or service. This involves aligning internal and external stakeholders, selecting the right research design and gathering feedback from target audiences. Logica partners on a custom step-by-step approach for naming research that sets the foundation for finding the right name and a successful launch.

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Our Work 3

How Logica® helped a nonprofit uncover the financial impact of climate events and inform actionable solutions

Using research to support answers to important questions boosts credibility in the marketplace and beyond, helps communications reach wider audiences, and can support the implementation of real change. Gathering data and insights for thought leadership work and outreach is crucial—it not only reinforces big ideas and topics, but also helps with the discovery of new areas to enhance viewpoints and relevance.

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Our Work 5

How Logica® helped support brand-building campaign among diverse groups for higher education system

Utilizing brand research to uncover the level of awareness about a college or university—particularly in comparison to competitive schools—can be instrumental in maintaining a competitive edge in the decision-making process for students and their families. By teaming up with Logica Research to assess brand equity, higher education institutions can gain access to the insights needed to establish outreach that resonates with potential students.

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