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Marketing research and insights that help financial services companies drive brand awareness and engagement.

Brand equity research is critical to measuring your success in building brand awareness, creating brand equity, and deepening brand engagement for your financial brand. Consumer and B2B brand equity research with Logica® can inform your brand strategy and help you drive differentiation and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Constant innovation is the key to successful product development in financial services and fintech. Logica® can help you create the next generation of innovative products with market research before product launch, including buyer journey research, archetype development and product feature optimization research for your consumer audiences and B2B markets.

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Proprietary thought leadership content is key to establishing your brand in the marketplace, gaining press coverage and increasing visibility with target audiences. Partnering with Logica® for thought leadership research and PR research gives you the insights and data you need to be the go-to source for media and have your own proprietary content for sales enablement, marketing, and PR.

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Connecting with your market and deepening brand engagement requires compelling messages and the right marketing outreach. Marketing messages need to be tested and refined—before you go to market. Logica® has decades of experience helping brands conduct both qualitative and quantitative marketing research that prioritizes key messages and marketing that will resonate with your audience and drive action before you go to market so that you make the most of your marketing and advertising budgets.

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Understanding your buyer’s path to decision making is key to marketplace success, for both the individual consumer and the B2B purchase journey. Logica® can help you understand where consumers and businesses go to research brands, what influences their decisions, and what ultimately drives their decision. Purchase journey research is the key to driving acquisition.

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Understanding and measuring employee financial wellness are key to retention and business growth. Through financial wellness research with Logica®, you will understand the financial benefits you need to offer that go beyond compensation, and that help increase financial wellness and wealth building among your employees, such as credit building, budgeting, financial advice and more–ultimately driving employee retention and business growth.

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Earn press with Public Relations Research and Thought Leadership Research.

We produce unique consumer insights and compelling marketing content that spark media coverage and brand awareness for our clients. Check out some of the headlines our clients have earned with proprietary custom research. Then let’s talk about how we can help you demonstrate PR leadership and thought leadership for your brand and marketing message strategy.
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Insights from Orion’s Wealthtech Survey

The news has recently covered the findings of the Orion Advisor Wealthtech Survey, conducted in partnership with Logica Research. The study found that financial advisors and wealth managers must stay abreast of fintech trends and invest in technology to meet higher client expectations.

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Schwab 401(k) Participant Study 2023

Charles Schwab’s latest 401(k) Participant study, conducted with Logica Research, was recently released. This study revealed that workers continue to prioritize 401(k) saving amid anxiety about inflation and market volatility.

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Logica Charles Schwab Study

Schwab Modern Wealth Study: What is Wealth?

Charles Schwab’s latest Modern Wealth Study, conducted with Logica Research, was recently released. This study revealed the latest in Americans’ views on wealth—and how “non-financial assets like good health, fulfilling relationships and career flexibility resonate far more when defining wealth than having large sums of money.” The study was covered in articles from The New York Post, CNBC, MarketWatch and Forbes, among many others including Fortune, Bloomberg and more.

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Gain insights and intelligence on the Future of Money.

We’re always studying the complex, changing landscape and future of money, future of work, and technology, so you’re always ready for the next opportunity to improve people’s financial lives. The twice-yearly Logica Future of Money Study examines consumer mindset around topics like the gig economy and gig workers, cash flow management, and technology and tools that can help drive product and service experiences.
Future of Money Millennial

Millennials Are Taking Charge: New Future of Money Report

In a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, the latest Logica® Future of Money Study looks at how Americans across all generations, particularly Millennials, are navigating complex financial landscapes—and shows how people are seeking ways to increase their financial stability and find trusted advice.

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