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Logica® Future of Money Highlight Report: June 2022

This highlight report contains insights on generational financial personas, and includes a special report on Cryptocurrency. The ongoing Logica Future of Money Study is geared toward helping financial brands and institutions develop strategies, products and communications to improve people’s financial lives. The full report covers specifics about how people are making, spending and managing their money, as well as the changing ways in which they are engaging with financial brands.

Logica® Future of Money Study: January 2022

Logica Research’s newest Future of Money report highlights significant changes in people’s financial lives when it comes to work, retirement and investing, including an examination of each generation’s shifting financial priorities for 2022 and beyond. Effectively reaching target audiences requires a deep understanding of these changes.

"The Consumer Money Mindset" : June 2021

People’s financial lives are undergoing massive change in light of global disruptions—and financial brands must transform to meet their audiences’ critical needs. The latest Logica® Future of Money Study shows that the way people work, spend, save and invest has dramatically changed, and many of these changes are here to stay. Americans have adopted new money behaviors at a faster rate than ever before, financial brands need to continue to innovate what they deliver, how they communicate to customers, and how they create the customer experience faster than ever before.

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