Leveraging Logica's Product Positioning Research for Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive market, assumptions about consumer preferences can be costly for brands. Conducting product positioning research with Logica Research provides the necessary insights and data to develop a successful strategy tailored to resonate with your target audience and address their needs effectively.

What is Product Positioning Research?

Product positioning research helps uncover strategies to communicate the benefits of a product to your consumers. Product positioning tests focus on understanding how to convey the product benefits rather than determining the product features and appeal, like
product concept testing does. Product positioning testing is focused on understanding the holistic perception of the product offering.

Logica’s Approach to Product Positioning Research

In the first step of product positioning research, we use qualitative approaches to deeply understand what customers think about the product. This helps us gain insights for refinements to the initial positioning statements. We can do this through one-on-one interviews, group discussions, or online forums where customers can share their thoughts. These initial statements are then adjusted and prepared for the next phase of research.

After understanding customer views through qualitative research, the next step is quantitative research to confirm findings and pick the best product positioning. This helps you figure out which positioning works best for your different customer groups. Methods include showing one statement to each person (monadic testing), presenting multiple statements in order (sequential testing), or comparing two statements directly (pairwise comparisons). These methods utilize robust data analysis to help improve and optimize the product positioning.

Logica works with you to create a custom study design based on your research objectives and other impacting factors like time and budget. Outcomes of product positioning testing typically include metrics such as positioning appeal, clarity, uniqueness, believability, memorability, and perceptions of benefits. Competitive analysis can also be an important part of the study to gauge a wider sense of brand awareness and market perceptions.


Leveraging Logica's Product Positioning Research for Competitive Advantage 1


Best Practices for Product Positioning Research


  • Start early. It is best to start positioning testing early to ensure the voice of your product resonates with your target customers.
  • Don’t assume. It is important not to presume to know what your customer wants. Be objective and open-minded when seeking feedback from your customers.
  • Differentiate statements for testing. Ensure your positioning statements for testing are different enough to gather distinct feedback. If they are too similar, results will not show a true winning positioning statement.
  • Quality inputs provide quality outputs. Don’t force the methodology design if it doesn’t fit for your inputs. Research design will depend on the number of quality inputs and desired outputs.

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