Advisors, Trust, and Gen Z Money Choices

Recently, our CEO & Founder Lilah Raynor, shared some key insights from Logica’s most recent Future of Money Study with Advisorpedia. In her article, “Advisors, Trust, and Gen Z Money Choices,” she discusses the significance of trust in Gen Z’s financial decision-making process and the sources they rely on for financial advice. 


The article talks about the cautiousness and resourcefulness of Gen Z, and how the way they manage their money has been impacted by the major events they’ve gone through in their lives from a societal standpoint. Our study found that this generation seeks advice from various sources, including friends, family, social media, and financial advisors. Despite utilizing social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for financial guidance, Gen Z still values professional input over AI-generated advice. 


In “Advisors, Trust, and Gen Z Money Choices,” Lilah shares that our findings show financial advisors are considered the most trusted source for a broad range of personal finance and investing guidance areas among Gen Z. While they turn to friends and family for certain financial matters, they prefer financial advisors for more complex financial decisions such as investing strategies and portfolio management. 


The article emphasizes the importance of building trust with Gen Z through personal connections and credibility, highlighting the role of financial advisors and institutions in reaching this generation effectively.

To learn event more about Gen Z and money matters, grab a recording of our recent Money Conversations with Gen Z webinar.



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