PayPal and Future of Work Study

Evolving Financial Services to Meet Needs of the Global Workforce

Logica Research partnered with PayPal to look more closely at the future of work. We surveyed 8,000 working age people from eight different markets. From the survey findings, four key trends were found that are expected to shape the global workforce in the coming years, and identified ways that the financial services industry will need to evolve to meet these changing needs.


Online Platform Economy

The online platform economy is growing rapidly, and workers engaged in the platform economy need new financial tools to meet their needs.


Financial Automation

Automation, ML and AI will cause job churn while income is likely to become more variable and uncertain; workers will need retraining and access to new types of credit and savings.


Income Generation

Entrepreneurship is an increasingly important path for income generation, yet entrepreneurs and small businesses need faster access to funds, better financial management tools and credit to help get their businesses up and running and to smooth out income fluctuations.


Millennial Financial Lives

Millennials demand greater flexibility in the workplace and digital tools are their preferred method for managing their financial lives. We need more robust, end-to-end digital tools for financial management.


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