Starting Go-To-Market Strategy Off Right: Jobs-to-Be-Done and Actionable Outcomes

From the start, companies need to define what goals they are striving toward for the product or service being brought to market. This strategic step of the overall Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy is when you gather insights on your target audience—and then transform your target audience’s requirements into tangible outcomes. This will drive the direction for innovation and development in ways that fill white space, differentiate in a competitive market and fulfill a customer need the right way. 


During this step, you also gain insight into competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, offerings and positioning—which is a vital part to hone your overall GTM strategy. Logica® works with you to create custom research approaches to explore the target market needs, competitive landscape, and Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) for these strategy-informing insights.


Starting Go-To-Market Strategy Off Right: Jobs-to-Be-Done and Actionable Outcomes 1


Strategic Jobs-To-Be-Done Approach

The first step of our research offerings for your Go-To-Market Strategy involves an exploration of customer needs and defining the Jobs-To-Be-Done for your product. In this stage, we help answer the important questions you need to ask to guide your innovation and development—namely, why choose your product or service and what outcomes are needed for your product or service?


Using a strategic JTBD  approach, Logica works with you to connect with your customers to provide a new perspective on your product or service. This will typically involve multiple phases of research. 


  • Phase 1: Define the Jobs-To-Be-Done

In any market, there are diverse needs, and careful research must be done to clearly state and categorize this list of needs. This involves conducting sets of interviews to build this complete set of needs to identify the outcomes and map the needs to the Jobs-To-Be-Done. At Logica, we’re experts on conducting interviews to naturally unearth these Jobs-To-Be-Done and help categorize a list for your next phase in this exploration.


  • Phase 2: Uncover Desired Outcomes

Once you have an understanding of the Jobs-To-Be-Done, you can now prioritize and narrow down the actionable outcomes—and home in on developing products and services to achieve these outcomes. This phase involves strategic quantitative research and analysis to determine what outcomes are underserved/overserved and the degree to which these outcomes are underserved/overserved. Findings from this phase will provide data-driven insights for the most important business decisions.


The Path to Market Success

The path to success begins with this first step of the overall Go-To-Market strategy to uncover the insights that will provide a foundation to propel your product or service to the forefront. Let’s work together to help you define your target audiences, the Jobs-To-Be-Done—and get going on your overall  GTM research projects. Reach out to us!

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