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A go-to-market (GTM) strategy for a new product or service requires a thorough examination of multiple aspects of the launch space. In order to achieve success, financial brands, fintech companies and other growing organizations can use various market research steps to gain a comprehensive understanding of their overall competitive landscape on both a granular and macro level as well as target market sizing and profiling. This information can help form outreach strategies to position for success. At Logica, we can help you with your go-to-market strategy from initiation to distribution.


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Define Outcomes for Innovation

Why choose your product or service? What outcomes are needed for your product or service? From the start, companies need to define what goals they are striving toward for the product or service being brought to market. This strategic step of the overall GTM strategy will help form the direction for innovation and development in ways that fill white space, differentiate in a competitive market and fulfill a customer need the right way. During this step, gaining insight into competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, offerings and positioning is vital to help hone GTM strategies. Logica works with you to create custom research approaches to explore the target market needs, competitive landscape, and jobs-to-be-done for these strategy-informing insights.



Targeting Your Market and Audience

What is the growth or success potential of your product in today’s market? By analyzing market trends, shifts and sizing, financial brands and other businesses can identify emerging opportunities and potential threats to a new or updated product or service—as well as demand. This information allows for the adjustment of the GTM strategy to align with changing market dynamics and a deep understanding of the playing field. To do this, using the right market sizing and product fit research will be key.


Gaining a deep understanding of target customers, including preferences, pain points and behaviors, also helps tailor the GTM strategy to address the specific needs of the intended audience. Through profiling and segmentation research with Logica, you can build personas, develop segmentations and determine your optimal target audience. This consumer feedback and insights gathered enables financial brands to develop targeted marketing messages and approaches for different customer groups.



Finding the Right Pricing

What is the optimal price for your product or service? Understanding customer perceptions of value and their price sensitivity for the new or changing product or service is essential for determining an optimal pricing strategy. Market research provides insights into what customers are willing to pay for a product or service. 

Purchase Journey for Go-To-Market

Through a collaborative exploration of the buyer journey with Logica, businesses can unveil the optimal combination of communication channels and refine the overall experience—ensuring a seamless and successful experience for customers every step of the way. While this may be the last step in the go-to-market continuum, it is so important to uncover pain points so brands can innovate to fix those pain points and succeed in the market.

Positioning and Communications for Go-To-Market

How will you communicate this product to the market? It is essential to use all the insights gathered throughout the market research process to create external facing messaging that hits the mark. Language, tone and the chosen communication channels will help financial brands (and other companies taking products and services to market) reach and engage potential customers. To really hone in on the right marketing here, Logica uses approaches like product positioning and message testing


Incorporating Logica’s research resources into your go-to-market strategy equips financial brands, fintech companies, and other emerging organizations with the tools to comprehensively understand all aspects of bringing a product or service to market. To learn more about all the go-to-market research steps and how they can support your business goals, reach out to us.


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