How Logica® helped one of the biggest banks develop effective messaging

Message testing research is essential for crafting impactful marketing communications and claims that drive both new and repeat business, particularly in the financial space where competition is high. Logica® collaborates with financial brands to provide insights that look at how messaging resonates with target markets, stakeholders, customers and prospects. 


Exceptional messages will drive acquisition, and message is an important step in your Go-To-Market Strategy and marketing planning. In industries like financial services and technology, consumer attitudes swiftly change.  Having an ongoing message testing program can help ensure that your communications will support your brand’s growth.  Logica works with B2B and consumer-centric brands for both scaled, ongoing message testing programs as well as custom, ad hoc message testing—tailoring the approach that will be most successful for your organization.


How Logica® helped one of the biggest banks develop effective messaging 1


Case Study: Message Testing for Banking Client

A major bank came to Logica to help enhance their value proposition and tailor messages for two distinct target segments to boost business growth. Faced with challenges in standing out within the marketplace, the client sought to uncover various points of differentiation to inform communication and messaging strategies.


Message Testing Research Solution

Logica® collaborated with the bank’s research team and a variety of internal stakeholders to design a research solution that could most effectively and efficiently uncover the right approach to creating a value proposition and messaging. The goal was to discover the most impactful messages with the customer base, and understand the reasons behind their effectiveness. The research included qualitative online studies along with a custom quantitative phase that incorporated a trade-off exercise to prioritize messages effectively.


Impact on Messaging and Communications

Through their partnership with Logica on message testing, the bank successfully pinpointed the most impactful value proposition and messages tailored to specific segments. By aligning these insights with the unique needs and preferences of each segment, the bank positioned itself to drive substantial growth within its identified target segments. This understanding not only informed specific messaging, it helped shape the direction for future product and service innovation and development strategies for a dynamic financial landscape.


Message Testing to Improve Market Presence

Ready to start message testing and increasing the effectiveness of your communications strategy? Message testing can help your brand refine your strategies for improved audience communication and maximize the effectiveness in your chosen segments. Reach out to us.


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