How Logica® helped a B2B payments provider position their product for an optimal GTM strategy

Understanding consumer preferences is crucial for effective brand strategy, and key in this process is product positioning. Logica’s approach to product positioning research combines qualitative and quantitative methods for deep understanding of consumer preferences. The process helps to refine and optimize the strategy for your product positioning—and ensures the outcomes resonate with your target audience.


Product Positioning



Case Study: Product Positioning Research for B2B Payments

In the world of B2B payments, products need to be differentiated in a crowded market and positioned in a way that will create customer trial, continued use and loyalty. Logica worked with a B2B payments provider that wanted to differentiate itself in the market and identify the best go-to-market strategy for their expanded, combined product offering. Determining what their target customers needed and wanted was a key piece in the project. This customer understanding led to how to best position the product—and gaining knowledge on where to best reach the key segments of customers ensured the success of the product launch.



Product Positioning Research Solution

For the B2B payments provider, Logica® conducted multiple qualitative and quantitative research studies to help inform product positioning as part of the overall go-to-market strategy. The custom research approach employed stimulus materials and analytical tools to identify customer needs, pain points, and key messages. Subgroup analysis helped to identify which segments to initially target on launch and understand different priorities among market segments, informing how to successfully position the product in market.



Product Positioning Insights Outcomes

The study for the B2B payments provider’s product positioning resulted in analysis of the results into a synthesized visual report. This actionable and detailed report helped align stakeholders, identify optimal messages, and inform an impactful go-to-market strategy for their new product. The product was successfully launched and positioned to reach the target audience, leading to successful adoption of the new product. 



The Power of Product Positioning for Business Success

Ready to optimize your product positioning strategy and achieve business success like our B2B payments provider client? Partner with Logica® today to harness the power of consumer insights and strategic positioning. We work closely with you and your team to refine research approaches, find ways resonate with your target audiences, and drive impactful results. Contact us to get started. 



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