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Future of Money: Insights for products and services that deepen brand engagement

Technology is changing how we earn, spend, save and invest. Consumers have more tools than ever, but that doesn’t always translate to a feeling of security. Through our own ongoing, proprietary research, we’re tracking the future of money and the future of work to inspire the product and service development that will improve people’s financial lives and deepen brand engagement.

Future of Money: market research on the future of money consumer mindset

Gen Z and Money Management

Gen Z and Money Management Will the Youngest Generation of Adults Drive FinTech? Findings released in the most recent Logica Future of Money Study show that Gen Z is pioneering work

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Future of Money: Investing

Humans or Computers: Future of Investing Will the investors of the future ever sit down with a financial advisor or will they rely on their mobile device or computer for

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Market research on the future of money consumer mindset.

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