Zillennials: Technology, Social Media, Culture and Money


The term “Zillennials” is a newer generational label that is showing up recently. Zillennial refers to a demographic cohort that includes individuals born roughly on the cusp between the 1990s and the early 2000s. The term “Zillennials” is a blend of “Millennials” and “Generation Z,” reflecting the overlapping characteristics and experiences of these two generations. To help us understand Zillennials, we are hosting a webinar next month focusing on aspects of this group.


Origination of the Zillennial

Some young adults felt the current generational markers for Millennials and Gen Z were too rigid. The New York Post shares that this group doesn’t “fully align with the traits of just one generation and instead identify with both” Millennials and Gen Zers. So this “generation” on the outgoing edge of one and the incoming edge of another was termed. Demographers have varying cutoff dates for this cohort but generally Zillennials generally represent a group of individuals who share both Millennial and Generation Z traits and experiences.


Zillennials and Tech

According to CNN, the use of technology is one of the ways we use to define generations. And “Zillennials straddle the generations of millennials, who are considered digital pioneers, and Gen Z, who are considered digital natives who never knew life before screens.” This newly emergent “micro-generation” has grown up in a world heavily influenced by technology, social media and digital connectivity. Zillennials, like Gen Z and most Millennials, are typically seen as tech-savvy, adaptable and comfortable with using digital platforms and devices.


Zillennials and Social Media

Like Millennials, Zillennials have witnessed the rise of social media and have been shaped by it. As USA Today notes, this microgeneration is “not quite the Myspace generation, but not the TikTok generation either, Zillennials spent their tween and teen years in the 2010s, when social media was on the rise but not yet in its heyday.”


Society, Culture and the Zillennial

This microgeneration has also experienced significant societal and cultural changes, including economic uncertainty, globalization and growing environmental concerns. However, they also have distinct experiences and perspectives influenced by the unique events and developments of their time, such as in the technology and social media arenas.


Zillennials and Money

According to Forbes, this cohort is in a “sweet spot of spending power.” They also have unique set of drivers for how they spend, save, earn and manage money. Access a recording of our recent webinar, “Money Conversations with Zillennials” to learn more!


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