The Power of Thought Leadership Research in Financial Services, Fintech & Beyond

Market research to support thought leadership initiatives and public relations efforts is critical to the strategic marketing and communications mix for your brand in any industry, including financial services and fintech. Using the right insights, you can support your marketing by answering your key stakeholders’ and target audiences’ important questions in a highly credible way. For the complex consumer and B2B financial services and fintech industries, thought leadership and PR research are an essential part of your sales and marketing strategy. This research supports your leadership in the market and helps broaden your relevance as a brand.


The Many Benefits of Thought Leadership Research

Thought leadership and PR research should be a strategic imperative for communications teams. Some of the specific benefits of this type of research can include:

  • Fortifying and improving your brand presence, value and story
  • Amplifying the visibility and appeal of your products and services to target customers
  • Positioning your company as an authoritative voice in your industry and beyond
  • Forging stronger connections and fostering trust with key stakeholders in all areas

In addition, beyond the bolstering and validation of your content, thought leadership research can:

  • Gauge market sentiment and customer attitudes
  • Identify trends in the marketplace that can affect your business trajectory
  • Help you refine your messaging, marketing and other touch points

Effective market research in this arena should be prioritized due to the wide application, both for thought leadership content and beyond for other marketing and consumer understanding efforts. We believe at Logica in application of insights cross-departmentally, to benefit the company as whole, beyond individual projects.


Real-World Application of Thought Leadership Research

Our commitment to thought leadership data is exemplified through our continuous Logica® Future of Money Study, where we monitor the evolving consumer attitudes toward money. This research not only bolsters our own thought leadership initiatives (and beyond) but also serves as a valuable resource for our clients, who utilize the insights we gather to inform their business strategies. 


How You Can Apply Thought Leadership Research

First, decide what questions you want answered! Working with Logica to create the right studies with the right questions to the right people can help you not only with your content, but develop a deep understanding of your industry, target audience and market trends. By consistently sharing well-informed insights about industry trends and hot topics through various content channels, you can position your organization as a trusted authority and make your brand more influential. And don’t forget, thought leadership research can also guide your product development and marketing strategies! Reach out to us to learn more.


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