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Recently, our CEO and Founder Lilah Raynor, wrote for Advisorpedia on findings from the recent Logica Future of Money Study about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in personal finance and money matters. In the article, “Artificial Intelligence: An Emerging Addition for Financial Advice,” she discusses trust trends in money management. People report that their primary source for financial advice is still professional advisors, as well as family and friends—but there is an emerging use of AI for some areas of financial guidance. 


The article covers Logica Future of Money findings that show that while professional advisors are most trusted for investing-related matters and family and friends are preferred for guidance on more day-to-day practical matters, AI is increasingly utilized for simpler tasks like budgeting and credit score management. Lilah notes in the article, “This trend builds upon the existing assistance that Americans rely on from financial advisors, as well as from their family and friends, but—so far—doesn’t come close to replacing these trusted and personal sources of advice.”


Our study also looked at generational trends in how people work, pay and manage money. For AI, Millennials are leading the adoption of AI-based financial tools. As noted in Advisorpedia, “Thirty-two percent (32%) of Millennials will trust AI for help in creating a budget versus 26% of the overall population.”

Logica Writes for Advisorpedia on AI and Financial Advice 1


While human advisors remain crucial for personalized guidance, there is a growing openness to incorporating AI into money management strategies. Financial institutions must adapt to these trends by developing AI-driven products and services while recognizing the enduring importance of human expertise in financial decision-making. Read our article, “Artificial Intelligence: An Emerging Addition for Financial Advice,” to learn more or reach out to us!


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