Logica Research Writes about “Zillennials” for The Financial Brand

The latest wave of our Logica® Future of Money Study included an exploration of a new micro-generation called “Zillennials,” which combines traits from both Millennials and Generation Z. In a recent article published by The Financial Brand, “Zillennials: The Millennial & Gen Z Mash-Up with Unique Financial Needs,” our CEO Lilah Raynor shares insights regarding the money habits of Zillennials. These people were born roughly between the early 1990s and early 2000s, totaling around 30 million worldwide. The article highlights how this segment works in today’s world, approaches money management, prioritizes savings and is interested in financial guidance.

Logica Research Writes about “Zillennials” for The Financial Brand 1

Zillennials and Employers

Zillennials possess distinct work preferences. In the article, we share about how Zillennials’ want remote work, diversity, mental health support and socially conscious employers, along with help from employers related to a diverse range of financial money management. Zillennials are frugal, which is shaped by experiences like the Great Recession and the pandemic. The Financial Brand article suggests that offering financial education and programs could help retain and satisfy Zillennial employees.

Zillennials and Money Management

Zillennials seek assistance with navigating financial challenges, building credit, and managing debt. In “Zillennials: The Millennial & Gen Z Mash-Up with Unique Financial Needs,” we discuss how financial institutions should be prepared to engage with them through digital platforms and channels, focusing on their top priorities such as savings, insurance, and retirement planning. According to our Logica® Future of Money Study, they prioritize saving for goals (85%), understanding insurance (84%), and retirement planning (82%). Institutions can cater to these needs through existing services targeting both customers and employees.

Learn More about Zillennials

We recently presented a special webinar specifically on this topic, “Money Conversations with Zillennials.” Grab the recording for a deep dive into how they are handling their financial lives and what they expect from financial institutions. And be sure to check out our article in The Financial Brand! Reach out for more info.

Logica Research Writes about “Zillennials” for The Financial Brand 2

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