Getting to know Logica Research’s new Senior Research Director, Katy Wetherbee



Katy is a seasoned researcher with a passion for understanding human behavior. With more than 15 years of research experience, she thrives on connecting brands to consumers through data and insights. She has expertise in developing and executing data-driven studies to inform strategic decisions. Previously, Katy led the research team at Latitude+Lumiere, where she spearheaded growth for new clients and strengthened relationships with current clients. Her portfolio of accounts has included top financial brands such as Capital One, JP Morgan & Chase and Fidelity Investments



How did you first enter the market research and insights field? 



KATY: I have always been curious about human behavior. How do values and relationships change for people? What drives those changes? How can I better understand that decision-making process? With a background in behavioral economics and psychology, I started my career in the advertising world. My curiosity about the connections between advertising and consumer decisions quickly led me to market research. I wanted to dig deeper into the “why” behind what was working and what wasn’t working for brands. For the past 15 years, I’ve been working with brands in finance and other verticals to answer these exact questions. I love helping solve the most difficult questions for clients.



What’s your favorite part of working in market research and insights, what has surprised you, what has delighted you?



KATY: My favorite part of working in market research and insights is the ability to creatively problem-solve for my clients. I love it when a client comes to me with a complex question and I have an opportunity to build out a research design to provide answers, insights, and strategies. I’ve been delighted and surprised by the wonderful relationships I’ve built with so many great people on both the research and client side of market research. It’s really an amazing community!



What’s your favorite research approach, or combination of approaches? 



KATY: I love to help brands and businesses better understand their consumer base and reach the right people, so I get excited about thought leadership and message testing opportunities. I find it extremely rewarding to help my clients be equipped for success in their market. A big part of that success comes from a deep understanding of their consumer base and from insights to build brand messaging and positioning that resonates with their audiences.



What has been your favorite research project during your career so far, and why did you like it?



KATY: I have to pick just one? That’s tough! In my career thus far, I’ve executed an extensive range of research projects, but the ones that stand out to me are the ones where I could diagnose a problem and drive immediate change and action for that business. 


A trusted client came to me with a vulnerable problem of losing customers they’ve had for a number of years. They wanted to know what was happening and how they could fix it. I designed a mixed-methodology research study to explore what was shifting in the market and how people were responding to those shifts. I was able to diagnose that my client needed to redirect their focus on innovating their offerings to stay current and provided them with a profile of customer needs to act on. This allowed them to efficiently upgrade their offerings in a way that was tailored to their client base. It was extremely rewarding to see my research drive success for this business.



What do you see going on in the field of market research that is highly innovative today and how do you see it impacting the future of insights?



KATY: Hmm this sounds like we could design a study around this! I think AI is a hot topic in a lot of industries right now and I see it in market research as well. I think we will see AI innovation in advanced data analysis, statistical analysis, and NLP based sentiment analysis continue to make big strides for market researchers in the coming years.


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Katy Wetherbee


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