How Logica® helped make its client’s name synonymous with American Wealth

Demonstrating industry and topic authority—and reaching the right target audiences—can be supported through the right thought leadership research. The data gathered can provide authoritative answers to the pressing questions of your key stakeholders and in turn bolster positioning, marketing, communications and messaging. For B2C and B2B financial services and fintech, thought leadership and PR research can fortify brand presence as well as providing valuable insights to the industry as whole.


How Logica® helped make its client’s name synonymous with American Wealth 1


Financial Brand Thought Leadership Research Case Study

When the leading brokerage firm Charles Schwab wanted to build on its position in helping investors, the company asked Logica® to help uncover key insights on Americans and wealth.


Thought Leadership Research Solution

Logica® partnered with Charles Schwab to execute an ongoing study (the Schwab Modern Wealth Study) to measure what wealth means to Americans, both nationally and in local metro areas. When initiating this now long-running study each year, Logica leverages its successful process to generate unique ideas. Insights that have been uncovered through the years include how much Americans say it takes to be considered wealthy, the impact of social and health factors on wealth, investing based on personal values, and changing priorities.


Impact on Thought Leadership for this Financial Brand

Each year coverage from the study has been picked up by multiple media outlets, including TV, print, radio and online, leading to billions of impressions. By demonstrating industry and topic authority, Schwab has been able to reach the right target audiences and establish themselves as prominent voices in the financial industry.


Using Thought Leadership Research for Effective Outreach

Driving impactful conversations around financial outlooks and other topics of specific expertise, the right thought leadership market research is essential. The Schwab Modern Wealth Study, in particular, stands as a testament to the power of thought leadership research in fortifying brand presence and providing valuable insights to the financial services industry as a whole. Want to get started in bolstering your brand through thought leadership research? Reach out to us!

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