How Logica® helped a major technology firm understand the customer purchase journey

Logica guides clients through a step-by-step approach to conduct effective purchase journey research. Through a process of identifying and engaging key stakeholders, to assessing knowledge gaps regarding the buyer journey, to conducting thoughtful market research to fill in these gaps—the insights gained enable the right strategic approach to optimizing the purchase journey. Here we examine how a major technology firm’s strategic plan was honed for success through a deep understanding of their customers’ purchase journey.


Purchase Journey


Case Study: Purchase Journey and Strategic Planning

For technology companies operating in a highly competitive field, customer-company contact points across the entire relationship are of vital importance. A major technology company wanted to evaluate the opportunity for a new product offering. They came to Logica to help understand the purchase journey, motivations, and opportunities within their target industries for both customers and prospects.


Purchase Journey Research Solution

Purchase journey research needs to provide a comprehensive view of customer stages—enabling buyer behavior prediction, need anticipation, response guidance and strategic information for the product. For this technology partner, Logica® conducted in-depth interviews with a hard-to-reach sample of business customers and prospect decision makers—getting deep insights on the decision-making process for this product category.


Purchase Journey Insights Impact

The purchase journey research helped Logica’s technology client identify and understand what motivates and influences their product buyers and their purchase decision process. The results from this custom study enabled the company to set priorities to refine its strategic plan and effectively connect with their buyers and prospects at every touchpoint. 


Purchase Journey Research Impact on Strategy and Success

By taking advantage of Logica’s approach to purchase journey research, companies are able to gather insights to refine their strategies regarding how they interact with their buyers and prospects. Targeted purchase journey research can play a big role in shaping successful strategic planning by allowing companies to predict their customer behaviors, stay ahead of their needs, and put the right content in front of buyers and prospects. Reach out!



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