How Logica® helped a leading software provider name a new product offering

Choosing the right name for a product is crucial for a successful launch of any new brand, product or service. This involves aligning internal and external stakeholders, selecting the right research design and gathering feedback from target audiences. Logica partners on a custom step-by-step approach for naming research that sets the foundation for finding the right name and a successful launch. Let’s take a closer look at a real-world naming research study for a leading software provider’s new product offering here.


Naming Research



Case Study: New Product Naming Opportunity


A leading software provider sought Logica’s partnership in understanding end-user preferences regarding naming conventions for a new product category and its tiers. We worked together to craft a custom research approach to delve into potential product names, simultaneously exploring the perceived value of the product category for the software provider’s users and clients. This partnership aimed to inform strategic decisions regarding product naming and enhance overall understanding of the product’s market positioning.



Naming Research Solution


Logica® designed and executed a comprehensive multi-phase qualitative research naming study, incorporating an online discussion board and in-depth interviews. This approach was crafted to provide a deep understanding of the product category and allowed for effective testing of potential product names. Through this strategic research methodology, valuable insights were gathered to refine the naming conventions and align the product with user preferences and market expectations.



Naming Research Impact


Logica provided a holistic naming hierarchy derived from user feedback and their understanding of the product category space. The results played a crucial role in guiding strategic decision-making on the optimal set of names that were identified for the new product category. The insights were key in crafting a name for the new product that aligned with user preferences and market dynamics.



Naming Research for New Products


Choosing the right name is crucial for a successful product launch, and a key part of the overall go-to-market strategy. Logica partners with businesses to create a custom step-by-step naming research approach—a collaborative process that ensures the vital alignment of internal teams and a deep level of collaboration across all stakeholders. Learn more about discovering the name will align with target markets to set the stage for a successful launch! 



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