Getting to know Logica Research’s Research Manager, Maribel Castañeda



Maribel is committed to providing bold, data-driven insights that fuel the next wave of innovation. She brings a breadth of experience supporting and managing custom, mixed-method research that spans quantitative and qualitative methods. Maribel harnesses her unique background to understand each project’s objectives and deliver actionable insights.


Before joining Logica, Maribel developed her expertise at several award-winning market research agencies at the confluence of technology and entertainment. Maribel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy from Wellesley College, equipping her with a unique understanding of consumer decision-making and a passion for digging deeper.




How did you first enter the market research and insights field? 



MIRABEL: I started my career in market research after studying economics at Wellesley College. Behavioral economics shows us that humans are not as rational as most economic theories suggest. We’re biased and lead with our emotions at times. I wanted to dive deeper into consumer decision making, and market research allowed me to do so.



What’s your favorite part of working in market research and insights, what has surprised you, what has delighted you?



MIRABEL: My favorite part of market research is the continuous cycle of learning. Each project is a glimpse into a new world that revolves around clients and their business, so there’s always something new to learn.



What’s your favorite research approach, or combination of approaches? 



MIRABEL: I enjoy multi-phase projects that include both qualitative and quantitative research. I think research that incorporates both can deliver the most powerful results. Being able to use qual to inform surveys/questionnaires in quant gives us a better ability to write effective questions. Pulling in quotes and verbatims to give life to the data points in the quant is another favorite. It’s a powerful way to tell a story for internal and external stakeholders!


What has been your favorite research project during your career so far, and why did you like it?



MIRABEL: Research projects with a qualitative and quantitative approach are some of the most rewarding projects to me! This combination of approaches gives us the best opportunity to deliver deep, actionable insights that can propel our clients forward.



If someone outside the market research field asks what you do, what do you tell them?

MIRABEL: Every project I’ve worked on has broadened my understanding of human behavior. I don’t think I could ever have a favorite, but I have a growing interest in social impact research that can lead to widespread change.


What do you see going on in the field of market research that is highly innovative today and how do you see it impacting the future of insights?



MIRABEL: I like to tell everyone that I’m in the voice they never knew they had, because as market researchers we truly are the consumers’ voice. We illuminate the consumer mindset for our clients to help them optimize their business.




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Get to know Logica's Research Manager, Maribel Castañeda 1



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