AmazonYes, there are studies saying that trust in major corporations is declining.

And there are good reasons for this.

Can you say Volkswagen?

But some companies are engaging consumers in very positive ways.

In our latest Logica Research EngagementIQ ™ survey, we identified four such companies.

Their paths to engagement excellence differ, but there are lessons to be learned from both the differences and similarities.

The four fabulously engaging companies and their EngagementIQ ™ scores are:

  1. Amazon (55.8)
  2. Disney (48.0)
  3. Nike (39.7)
  4. Apple (38.7)

As a point of comparison, the star power of these companies is in the neighborhood of Ellen Degeneres (46.1), Jimmy Fallon (42.0) and The Rock (41.2).

So how did the fabulous four get to the top?

  • Amazon rules on Smart (70%)
  • Nike wins on Hip (52%)
  • Disney wins on Thoughtful (52%)…wasn’t Thoughtful one of the Seven Dwarfs?
  • Apple could have done better, but it is more than twice as likely as the other three to be seen as Arrogant (19%) and Secretive (16%).

In terms of engagement:

All four score high on Lunchability – wanting to have lunch with the CEO.

And half or more would read something about these companies – especially Amazon and Disney.

And more than one in two would go to the trouble of posting something about these companies.

The interesting thing is that all of these companies have had adverse publicity over the years and, for some, recently.

But the power of a strong brand is that consumers will put the bad news in the context of all the good things they know.

Strong brands can weather bad stories as long as they keep delivering what consumers are looking for.

Do you know how engaged your customers are?

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