“ETFs and Beyond”: A New Study by Schwab Asset Management

MarketWatch, etf.com and Think Advisor recently covered Charles Schwab’s “ETFs and Beyond” Study, conducted with Logica Research. Schwab has worked with Logica for more than 10 years on this tracking study about ETFs, shedding light on ETF investors’ knowledge and behaviors and trends in ETF investing. In 2022, Schwab Asset Management expanded the study to focus on all investing solutions and on personalization.

Generational Insights in the ETF Study

As cited in a MarketWatch article, this Schwab ETF study, probed the attitudes of different generations of ETF investors. They call out that “Millennials are more interested in aligning their investments with their personal beliefs and values, and more inclined to further personalize their portfolios in 2023, the survey found.” The study also shares more about Millennials specifically, including how they have more investment in ETF than other generations.

ETF Demand Stays Strong

etf.com shares that the Schwab study uncovered that ETF demand shows no signs of flagging. They share that the Schwab study shows “support for ETFs remains solid even after years of rapid growth” and that “enthusiasm from young investors—who made up the bulk of the respondents—is helping.”

ETFs during Market Disruption

As noted in Think Advisor, “roughly half of ETF investor respondents said this year’s market disruptions didn’t affect their ETF investing, while nearly a third invested more.” The Schwab “ETFs and Beyond” report notes that ETF holders have “kept buying through this year’s bear market, high inflation and rising interest rates, and found many non-ETF investors expect to join their ranks eventually.”

To find out more information, you can read articles by MarketWatch, etf.com and Think Advisor.


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab) commissioned Logica Research to conduct an online survey of 2,000 individual investors between the ages of 25 and 75 with at least $25,000 in investable assets, 1,000 of whom have bought or sold ETFs in the past two years and 1,000 of whom have not bought or sold ETFs within the past two years. The study was conducted from June 13 – June 28, 2022. Survey respondents were not asked to indicate whether they had accounts with Schwab. All data is self-reported by study participants and is not verified or validated. You can access the details of the study here.


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