Future of Money Says…Crypto Enthusiasm Will Continue to Grow

Americans continue to be bullish on cryptocurrency—with one in seven Americans currently owning crypto, and nearly half reporting they are likely to own crypto in the near future— according to our most recent Logica® Future of Money Study. Millennials are most optimistic about cryptocurrency at 68%, but Gen Z and Gen X are close behind them at 54% and 56% respectively. And for those investors that DO own crypto, it makes up about a third of their overall investment portfolio.


Digging into Attitudes about Crypto

Our study showed that Americans feel there is much still to learn about crypto (79%)—and they are open to learning more (67%). Some of the additional attitudinal findings include the belief that cryptocurrency is secure (41%) and feeling comfortable using cryptocurrency (35%).  

Logica Attitudes about Crypto

What This Means for Financial Institutions

Financial brands need to consider how to help customers understand crypto—and to offer educational opportunities for this rapidly growing investment and payments area. In order to effectively communicate about crypto with customers, it is important to understand them first. Brands can gain understanding through consumer market research approaches like in-depth qualitative research, including buyer decision research, and robust quantitative research. Insights into the different crypto user segments will help financial brands deeply engage this very diverse group of consumers and craft impactful outreach strategies surrounding crypto and crypto education.  

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