How Logica® helped a leading software provider optimize B2B purchase journey

Custom B2B purchase journey research can help financial brands, technology companies and growing organizations develop the best pathways for customers to engage with their products and services. And the way B2B customers in these industries move through the journey is distinctive, and having an experienced partner like Logica® to guide the structure and design of your purchase journey research projects is key. We partner with companies who need to use purchase journey market research to understand their buyers, identify any knowledge gaps, and come up with an actionable plan to improve the journey.


Case Study: Purchase Journey Opportunity

Logica® worked with a leading B2B financial software provider with a product offering that helps simplify financial transactions. The firm needed to better understand the purchase journey among medium-size company clients and prospects. The study needed to be carefully crafted to identify what drives awareness beyond referrals and prior experience, understand the role of promotions and campaigns, and how price is a factor in the purchase journey.


Purchase Journey Solution

To gain the insights needed, Logica® conducted in-depth interviews with the software provider’s clients and prospects to dig deep into the top of the acquisition journey. Understanding the top of the acquisition funnel is important to efforts such as how to drive awareness of products and build marketing campaigns. Through Logica’s in-depth analysis, the software provider was able to uncover current pain points, awareness, consideration set and how customers are making their decisions. 


Purchase Journey Impact

Using a highly visual presentation of the insights and analysis, Logica’s software provider client was able to prioritize marketing and promotions, improve overall effectiveness, and drive business growth among their medium-sized B2B customers. 


Optimizing the Purchase Journey

No matter what stage of the B2B purchase journey you need to understand, the right purchase journey research will make the difference in increased acquisition and retention of customers. Want to learn more? Reach out to us.


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