How Logica® helped support brand-building campaign among diverse groups for higher education system

Utilizing brand research to uncover the level of awareness about a college or university—particularly in comparison to competitive schools—can be instrumental in maintaining a competitive edge in the decision-making process for students and their families. By teaming up with Logica Research to assess brand equity, higher education institutions can gain access to the insights needed to establish outreach that resonates with potential students. This includes reaching different and diverse audiences, creating messaging that makes sense for all stakeholders in the decision-making process, and ensuring that the school’s overall brand system stays competitive in the larger higher education landscape.


How Logica® helped support brand-building campaign among diverse groups for higher education system 1


Case Study: Brand Awareness for Higher Education

One of the critical goals of public higher education systems is to have high brand awareness and enrollment across a diverse spectrum of student populations. To help increase brand awareness and program enrollment among diverse groups, a large California-based public higher education institution needed to measure and track brand and program awareness.


Brand Equity and Awareness Research Solution

Logica® brought its expertise on brand equity and health research—along with its decade plus experience working with the higher education organization and its agency—to proactively recommend a comprehensive brand health and campaign measurement system. The rigorous research study was designed with a complex nested quota matrix to ensure that lower income and racially and ethnically diverse groups across state geographies were represented.


Impact on the Brand Campaign and Messaging

The insights gathered through the study not only played a pivotal role in shaping a new campaign tagline and identifying high-performing marketing channels, but also helped inform a strategic roadmap for branding and brand outreach. The organization was able to establish key performance metrics based on the study’s findings, and now has a robust framework for evaluating the efficacy of future campaigns. These metrics are not only instrumental in gauging campaign success—but also in guiding ongoing refinements to ensure that messaging remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving landscape of higher education.


Amping Up Branding to Attract Enrollment

With Logica as a partner in the brand research process, you can effectively measure your university or college’s brand strength—and stand out among the competition in the field of higher education. Reach diverse student applicants, craft compelling messaging about your organization and keep your brand strong and top of mind in the higher education world. Reach out to us to get started!



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