Public release research is core to our philosophy of helping clients have better conversations with their customers and prospects – driving greater engagement.

The foundation of these conversations is asking great questions.

Logica Research has a time-proven process for working with our clients and their public relations firms to focus on newsworthy findings that will intrigue reporters in mainstream and new media outlets.

We’re so committed to this type of research that we have developed a tutorial that we present to public relations agencies, clients and universities.

Logica Research EVP John Gilfeather will be presenting this tutorial at the Client Research Conference, sponsored by MRA, Quirk’s and CEB, in Dallas in October.

The presentation, titled “Survey Says” provides comprehensive answers to the following questions:

  • What are the business benefits of research for public release?
  • What are the different types of research for public release?
  • Who should conduct research for public release?
  • Where & when can research for public release be conducted?
  • How do you conduct research for public release? 

The presentation includes war stories and specific examples of public release research drawn from work we have done and from other notable studies. 

To hear more about how to use public release research effectively to support thought leadership and content marketing efforts, contact us for a free “Survey Says” tutorial.

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