Using Brand Research to Increase Brand Engagement

What is Brand Engagement?

Brand engagement is a crucial part of overall business success, and companies must strive for the creation of attachments with their customers through their products, services, marketing and overall brand perceptions. Using brand research insights, companies can gain understanding of what their customers are looking for on every level of engagement. And when brands engage with the emotional and functional desires of their consumers, the result is deeper brand engagement that leads to referrals and repeat business. Let’s look at a case study where brand research helped boost brand engagement and greater market share.


Practical Application of Brand Research

Logica® helped a leading financial software company deepen brand engagement with their customers using actionable insights gained through brand research. The client, a leading provider of B2B digital payments, needs to constantly adapt to fast changing technology and consumer needs. In such a rapidly shifting environment, opportunities must be identified quickly.  Consumer insights are needed to move those opportunities forward. 


In this brand engagement use case, our client saw an opportunity to increase market share—and drive conversion among small and medium-sized companies. Research to measure key drivers of brand engagement helped ensure that a shift in payment technique would be accepted positively.


The Market Research Solution

Logica conducted a quantitative online survey among the companies who received a traditional mailed payment. The study was designed to accurately identify awareness, familiarity and perceptions of the payments company. Analysis uncovered insights to identify investment and cost savings opportunities.


Lasting Insights Impact 

Insights from the study were used to inform brand building and acquisition strategy. Results helped prioritize investment opportunities and significant budget savings, while reducing the risk and cost of an in-market decision.


Understanding Brand Engagement

Financial brands can use brand research insights to understand how to increase brand engagement among their target audiences. Results from brand studies that Logica® has conducted for clients has been used to:


  • Inform strategic brand-building pathways
  • Adjust marketing messaging, or create new communication strategies 
  • Improve customer interactions and increase brand loyalty efforts


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