Logica’s Look Forward at 2022

A Year for Optimism and Accelerated Adoption of Financial Wellness Products and Services

With full recognition that 2022 is off to a potentially cautious start due to the surge in Omicron cases,
Logica Research is optimistic about what is to come in 2022—especially when it comes to financial wellness and providing insights that help improve people’s financial lives. The ongoing pandemic has accelerated changes in how people manage their money and plan for the future. These changes give financial brands a tremendous opportunity to build products and services to support people’s financial lives and communicate those products and services in ways that are more engaging than ever. 


New Ways for Financial Brands to Engage

Of course, in order to look forward, it’s important to reflect back on the last couple of years. The Great Resignation is changing the nature of work. We are seeing mass adoption of digital payment methods. People are saving and investing more. All these changes are driving the need for new products and services–driving changes in ways brands need to engage customers. Today, as Omicron cases surge, we recognize that these changes, and more, have been brought on by tremendously challenging times.  


Continued Growth, Continued Insights

During these times of change, we also see growth in all aspects of our lives—personal, professional and cultural. 2022 is certainly going to be a time of continued growth, and we are optimistic that this growth will bring many opportunities for Logica and our clients. Growth that will drive innovation in research approaches and will deliver new insights more quickly to meet the speed of change. We also thrive on working with clients to use those insights to create the products and services that will help improve both B2B and consumer financial lives.


Looking Ahead With Optimism


    • Client Success
      While many of our clients have product roadmaps, at Logica we have client success roadmaps. We map our services and deliverables to provide clients with exceptional insights—delivered quickly, thoughtfully and cost effectively. It starts with truly understanding each client’s unique needs and delivering to those needs. The key is guiding clients seamlessly through each engagement by anticipating questions, getting in front of deliverables and being flexible. And we look forward to a year full of opportunities for mapping client success!



    • Team Success
      We can’t take care of our clients if we don’t take care of our team—they are the only way to achieve success for our clients. The pandemic has led to changing needs for employees across the world, and Logica is no exception. To meet these changing needs and the new architecture of work, we have developed new ways of communicating, collaborating and connecting—as well as positively reinforcing each other. As 2022 launches, we continue to be dedicated to creating a positive team culture.


    • Innovation in Market Research
      Accelerated change means research approaches and techniques are changing too. The past two years have led to an increase in online research and quick-turn research—as well as the need for deep dive insights on how the ever-changing world is affecting consumers and their engagement with financial brands. Logica remains nimble to meet new needs in market research as they arrive.


    • Effective Collaborations for Change
      Over the past two years, and looking into the coming year, Logica will continue to partner with key organizations to support positive change in our industry and beyond. We worked recently with Women in Research (WIRe) to provide an increased understanding of researchers’ needs from employers. Our collaboration with the Insights Association IDEA Council is helping the industry at large understand how to ask demographic questions—leading a national effort to improve the sensitivity and inclusiveness of demographic questions. We partnered with Commonwealth on understand the wealth-building needs of low and moderate income, working women. Our mission to engage in thoughtful and change-oriented partnerships will remain strong in the coming year.


    • The Future of Money
      And, we will continue to bring the world insights through the Logica® Future of Money Study. The latest wave, just released, provides insights on how people make money, spend it, save it and invest it. You can download the highlight report here, and reach out to us for more detailed findings. Based on our most recent insights, we anticipate continued movement among employees as they seek new opportunities. With this movement comes a need from employers to offer benefits to employees to help them manage their money. And, this is particularly true for Millennials—you can learn more about this powerful generation in our webinar coming up later this month: “Money Conversations: Millennials & the Future Of Money.” 

It is with great optimism and hope that we look out at 2022, knowing that we will continue to see accelerated change and adoption of new behaviors and needs when it comes to our financial lives. We are looking forward to a great year helping organizations deliver and market the products and services people need in this new world.



Lilah and The Logica Research Team

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