Why would a customer choose your product or service over others? The answer to that question is the one that brands need to define in order to move to the top of the consideration set. The answer is called the product value proposition. Developing the right value proposition statement—that defines product’s relevancy, value and differentiation in the financial and technology space—takes working with a market research partner deeply familiar with your industry verticals. Logica Research has worked with a variety of financial brands and growing technology companies to develop the right value propositions to reach the right customers.

Value Proposition Research with Logica 

Logica has worked with banks, wealth management companies, payment companies, growing tech companies, and other organizations to help them understand the right way to position their products and services in crowded markets. By gathering and evaluating consumer attitudes, behaviors and emotions through the right mix of market research approaches, brands get actionable insights into their points of differentiation but also how relevant and valuable their offering is to targets. This then can feed the formation of a value proposition, which then informs the marketing messaging.

  1. Understand your target market opportunity
  2. Understand your target customer segments 
  3. Conduct customized research to understand your product pain points and points of differentiation
  4. Use the actionable insights gained and data uncovered to develop your value proposition statements
  5. Test that research among your target segments
  6. Refine and launch

Value Proposition Research Case Study

Logica worked with one of the largest banks in the United States to develop its value proposition—and the subsequent marketing messaging formed from that value proposition—to grow their business. The study looked at two different target segments for the bank. 

In order to build the most comprehensive study possible, Logica® worked with the bank’s internal research team and a large group of company stakeholders to develop the right research approaches. The study combined both in-depth qualitative online research and a robust quantitative phase—with a trade-off exercise to show customer prioritization. This structure was deeply effective in uncovering the whys behind customer preferences. 

The insights and understandings from the study allowed the bank to identify the most effective value propositions by target segment. These value propositions in turn informed the right outward-facing marketing messaging, product development and innovation, and an overall communications strategy that would drive company growth.

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