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Our CEO Lilah Raynor is a regular contributor to Forbes.com on a variety of future of money and future of work topics. You can check out her various articles below:


October 12, 2021 | Building Financial Brand Trust In A New Era: Three Customer Expectations And How To Meet Them

Winning and building customer trust is a key aspect of a financial brand’s long-term success in the marketplace. But during the Covid-19 pandemic, an ongoing study by my company found that trust in government and media has decreased.


Aug 13, 2021 | Investing Is On The Rise, But Women Are Being Left Behind

Over the past 18 months, the way people work, spend, save and invest has dramatically changed. One area of significant shift surrounds how people are investing, including investing in the stock market and buying cryptocurrency for the first time. However, as you’ll see below, the playing field isn’t exactly equal between genders. 


June 18, 2021 | Understanding The Changing B2B Buyer Journey

Many people are talking about the drastic changes to the consumer purchase journey due to Covid-19, but consumers aren’t the only ones changing the way they approach buying decisions. Transformation is also happening to purchase paths in the business-to-business (B2B) sector. As the CEO of a market research company, I’ve witnessed many of these changes.


Apr 5, 2021  |  The Pandemic Has Hit Women’s Wallets: How Financial Brands Can Help

We have been reading and hearing a lot about the devastating effects of Covid-19 on women, particularly on working mothers.

As a result, not only are women’s stress levels at an all-time high, but also, the gender gap is widening, and many women are struggling financially. There are steps financial brands can take to help, but first, it’s important to get a deeper understanding of these trends.


Feb 16, 2021  |  The BNPL Trend: Installment Payment Plans Are Growing Among Younger Generations

Many online retailers are offering special discounts or deals for using these services to gain share among consumers.

The past year has shaken up the world of personal finance, with one of the greatest impacts showing up in the payments space. As Americans navigate the Covid-19 world and the continuing social and political unrest, their wallets have definitely been affected in one way or another. We have found that Americans have been open to new ways to pay for goods and services during this time.


Jan 21, 2021  |  Gen Z And The Future Of Spend: What We Know About This Generation, The Pandemic And How They Pay

How has Covid-19 and the upheaval of 2020 affected our youngest spenders?

Many are finding that not only is this generation the most diverse of any group, but they are also shaping up to be the most well-educated. They also have a lot of spending power. But how has Covid-19 and the upheaval of 2020 affected our youngest spenders?

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