Logica Research at FinovateSpring 2023


The global fintech landscape is a place of rapid evolution, and emerging trends are constantly reshaping the way consumers interact with financial services. We follow these trends closely in our ongoing Logica® Future of Money Report, and will be also digging into what’s new at FinovateSpring in San Francisco this May. 


A Gateway to Innovation in Fintech

Finovate is known for bringing together a diverse range of fintech professionals, thought leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. The event serves as a melting pot of ideas, where financial industry innovators can connect, collaborate and present. Our CEO Lilah Raynor will be mixing and mingling with the other industry leaders and forward-thinking entrepreneurs at the show—exploring groundbreaking technologies, cutting-edge solutions, the wider ecosystem of the financial world and the future of finance. 


Showcasing the Best of Fintech

The comprehensive agenda at FinovateSpring encompasses a broad range of fintech topics, including banking, payments, wealth management, insurance, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more. You may catch Lilah at Power Panels like “Achieving Digital Acceleration – What Do Incumbents Need To Do?” with speakers from National Australia Bank, TravelBank, F-Prime Capital and BMTX, and “From Competition To Collaboration & Co-Creation” with SMBC, BNY Mellon, Santander and J.P. Morgan. 


Some Special Addresses we think should not be missed include “Breakout From The Sea Of Sameness” with Wysh and “Advanced Data Discovery for Privacy Protection in Financial Services” with Shinydocs. There are also some Keynotes that look fascinating—and although we won’t be able to catch them all, “AI Everywhere All At Once” with Unconventional Ventures will be an interesting one to catch, especially since our latest Logica® Future of Money Report touches on AI as well. 


Live Demonstrations: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Solutions

One of the highlights of FinovateSpring is the live demonstrations by innovative fintech companies. Startups and established players alike showcase their latest products, platforms, and solutions to a captivated audience of industry professionals. We are looking forward to getting a glimpse into the future of financial technology, revealing advancements that have the potential to disrupt and transform the industry. 


Network with Us at FinovateSpring

FinovateSpring plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of finance and a big part of this is acting as a hub in creating valuable connections, partnerships and collaborations—and we’d love to connect with you! Are you attending the Women in Fintech Breakfast Briefing on Thursday, May 25th, with panelists from JP Morgan Chase, Cohen Circle and Centana Growth Partners? Our CEO Lilah Raynor will be there, say hi! And please make sure to add Lilah in the show app or email her directly here: lraynor@logicaresearch.com.


See you in San Francisco!

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