Insights Association’s IDEA Forum: Recap and Resources

The Insights Association IDEA Forum on July 14 and 15 was a fantastic event with powerful speakers on how to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the insights industry—both from a professional perspective for talent and culture and from a research practices perspective. And, of course, one main theme throughout this two-day event was how interconnected these two paths are. The keynote speakers were inspiring and motivating. We heard from Audrey Cavenecia, the Chief Content Officer at Amplify Voices, on the opening day; and Sherrell Dorsey, Publisher at “The Plug” spoke on Where We Go From Here: Using Data to Empower Diversity in Our Work.

The sessions ran a wide gamut of topics vital to helping the market research industry grow in a direction that is more equitable and inclusive. Important conversations ranged from building a common and current lexicon to expanding representation of marginalized groups. Also, the forum explored supporting education and career advancement, cultural competency, sampling and holistic insights best practices, and building long-term engagement with research participants in underserved populations.

Some talks included “Attracting and Building a Diverse and Inclusive Insights Team,” with Sandra Grandsoult and Ana Maria Santos from Equitas Insight; “Tips from the Classroom: Diversifying the Market Research Workforce,” with Brooke Reavey from Dominican University; “Authentic Cultural Reflections Matter in Marketing,” with Carlos Santiago from Santiago Solutions Group; and “Understanding & Embracing Multicultural Terminology,” with Zekeera Belton and Bryan Miller from Collage Group. And many more wonderful presentations!


Want to bring IDEA to your organization?  Check out these great resources.


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Stay tuned for more from the IDEA Council, including fellowship programs and recommendations on more inclusive demographic questions. Logica Research is so honored to be a part of the IDEA Council and the IDEA Forum community. 

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