Inside the Researcher Mindset: A New Study

Logica Research recently partnered with InnovateMR, Women in Research, G3 Translate and Nuance to study how the shifts of the last year and a half have impacted, specifically, the insights industry. The study recruited research professionals from around the world to weigh in and discuss their unique experiences and viewpoint on the future of the industry. 



Study Presented with TMRE and Women in Research

The study “Inside the Researcher Mindset” was recently featured as a key webinar through TMRE and Women in Research. The panel discussion included our CEO Lilah Raynor, Lisa Wilding-Brown of InnovateMR, Will Leach of Mindstate Group, Sequoyah Glenn of Morning Consult, and Melissa Valenzuela of The Set-up. These minds met to explore these emerging trends, and how today’s Insights professionals are navigating critical imperatives such as personal balance, satisfaction in work, psychological safety, equity, and inclusion. You can view a recording of the webinar here


ESOMAR Insights Festival

We continued to dig into the many insights at the virtual ESOMAR Insights Festival on Wednesday, September 22. ESOMAR’s focus this year was to amplify and accelerate creative thinking, catalyse big business decisions, activate positive learnings and focus on returns-on-investment. This online conference featured the collective wisdom of the market research industry—including our new industry-wide study! You can click here to find out more by going to the “Tools, Tips and Tricks” section of the event. Here you can view our on-demand presentation on the “Inside the Researcher Mindset” study.



TMRE in Nashville

The data from the Inside the Researcher Mindset study was used to spark a panel discussion at TMRE in Nashville in November called  “Talent Transformation: Disrupting the Insights Workforce to Bring Your Team into the Future”. Kristin Luck, Founder of Women in Research, presented findings from the study. The talk looked at how the shifts of the last year and a half have impacted insights professionals around the world—particularly in terms of skill development, worker retention, and equity creation as well as culture and value alignment. 



Questions about the data we uncovered in our global study and how it can help you plan and understand what’s going on in market research? Reach out to us.

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