Fast Company writes about the Logica® Future of Money Study

Logica Research’s newest Future of Money Study gives holistic insights into exactly how consumers are making, spending and saving money and what they are looking for from employers and financial brands. While the full study is only available through the Logica Future of Money Insights Kit (with detailed data tables, in-depth analysis, trend tracking, access to build custom questions, and more), we created a Highlight Report that included a special section on Cryptocurrency and a snapshot view of the generational financial personas that the study uncovered. 


Findings in Fast Company: Generational Financial Personas 

Fast Company took a close look at the generational financial personas shown in our Logica Future of Money Highlight Report, in an article titled “Millennials and Gen Z want more financial advice from employers. Boomers? Not so much.” This piece by Shalene Gupta talks about how “our behavior is shaped by the times we live in and the life stage we’re in, and this includes our attitudes about personal finances.” She goes on to share more about the financial profiles of baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z from our study. The article looks at the insights we shared about behavioral differences in the way each generation manages their money and what they are looking for from employers in terms of assistance with financial management.



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