How Logica® helped a financial firm understand current client experience and gain insights on potential new products to help drive acquisition and retention

Branding research for financial brands, category challengers, disruptors and organizations that are part of the financial ecosystem is unique. Logica Research takes a consultative and custom approach to brand equity research in these spaces. We work with you to uncover the key brand health and brand engagement insights you need to track performance, better reach customers, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Let’s examine a brand engagement case study to understand how to make your research actionable. 


Case Study: Brand Engagement Opportunity

A major financial institution wanted to better understand current client experience among ultra high net worth individuals and partnered with Logica’s team to build the right market research approach to reach this niche audience. It was essential for the brand to gain deep customer insights to guide the development of new products and services—while maximizing opportunities to further customer engagement and growth.


Brand Engagement Solution

Working closely with the client, Logica® designed a multi-phased study using deep knowledge of the financial space to help inform the study’s structure and process. The market research was conduction in two phases:


  • Phase One: A quantitative online survey was conducted among ultra-high net worth shareholders. The study was designed to identify awareness, familiarity and perceptions of the financial firm, along with measurement of the awareness and usage of the firm’s products and services. 
  • Phase Two: Logica conducted in-depth interviews (IDIs) to understand the survey feedback on the financial firm’s specific products and services identified in the first phase. These personal interviews allowed the exploration and discovery of opportunities to deepen brand engagement and brand growth.


Brand Engagement Impact

The insights from this brand study helped identify and understand what services and products are important to the financial brand’s shareholders. The study’s results were two-fold. Insights showed that some of the brand’s products and services were not critical to customer relationships, but just “nice to have” as part of the offering portfolio. It also, crucially, uncovered the specific products and services that will drive acquisition and retention of the ultra-high net worth shareholders. Using these insights, the financial firm was able to come up with a product and services development and innovation strategy that ensured the most success with their target customer base.


Brand Research for Financial Companies

Understanding the perceptions and associations customers have about the products and services offered by financial brands helps those brands adjust their strategies to enhance their brand equity, brand engagement and brand health. Let’s get started on building your next custom branding market research project! Reach out to us.



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