Logica's Brand Equity Research Approach

What is Brand Equity?

What are the perceptions consumers and your B2B buyers have about your financial or technology brand? One of the essential aspects for business success and growth is to understand the value, or equity, your brand has in your target market. In order to have the most value, a company needs to have positive brand equity with its buyers and customers. Logica Research works with your financial brand, technology company or growing organization to understand what will encourage these buyers to choose your brand over competitors offering similar products and services—and even pay more. By understanding human beliefs about what your brand offers, you can use these insights to add more value and make sure you are relevant to your target audiences. 



What is Brand Equity Research?

Using unique market research approaches and a deep understanding of your brand within the financial services space, Logica Research gains insights from your customers and prospects that inform brand positioning, image, identity, awareness and brand health. All these aspects work together to ensure your brand is relevant and has a competitive advantage. Our research will help you identify what innovations and actions you need to take to boost brand equity.


How Do You Measure Your Brand’s Equity?

Logica Research takes a consultative and custom approach to brand equity research. We work with you to identify the key brand acquisition funnel metrics along with custom brand attributes that you need to track your performance over time and against key competitors.


Logica’s decades of experience in the financial services and fintech space includes design, re-design and implementation of the various aspects of market research that give insight into your brand’s overall equity. Here are some steps we can take for brand equity research:


  1. Measure brand funnel level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) versus competitors
  2. Measure brand perceptual attributes to map positional shifts over time
  3. Identify the key drivers of consideration, engagement and loyalty

Logica Brand Funnel


Logica’s analysis and visually engaging, executive-ready reports will help you take action and make clear decisions.  Analysis can include:


  • Brand funnel KPIs–key performance metrics that can be tracked over time and used to set goals (see graphic above)
  • Perceptual maps–understand where your brand sits relative to competitors on key emotional and behavioral attributes
  • Key driver analysis–clearly identify which brand attributes are going to drive brand engagement and increase brand equity
  • Score cards–can be provided monthly or quarterly and by country, with visuals 
  • Interactive dashboards–real-time updated data that can be viewed by demographics, countries and other metrics 

In addition, Logica developed the EngagementIQ™ to provide a contemporary view on brand engagement—and we track the consumer money mindset through the ongoing Logica® Future of Money Study.



Brand Equity Case Studies

To understand how this works, you can take a look at one of our brand equity case studies. In the example here, we worked with a financial trade association to leverage their brand equity toward a successful repositioning in the marketplace. By using qualitative and quantitative research with various stakeholders, we gained the insights needed on brand positioning, value proposition, naming and messaging. These insights guided a successful rebranding effort with a powerful new identity, resulting in greater resonance with their constituents and beyond.


In another example, Logica® helped an early stage fintech company drive brand engagement by designing a semi-annual tracking study among hard to reach, diverse respondents. The results of the study helped the company track marketing campaign performance, refine target markets and refine messaging. 


Turning the Dial on Brand Equity

Financial brands can use brand equity research insights to turn the dial on various brand areas like awareness and positioning. Results from studies that Logica® has conducted for clients has been used to:


  • Identify competitive opportunities and inform brand strategy
  • Drive new marketing and communications plans
  • Measure and improve campaign effectiveness
  • Identify value proposition and messaging opportunities
  • Prioritize resources and set targets for planning

Ready to amp up your brand equity through some studies to look at your company’s brand positioning, brand image and identity, brand awareness and usage, brand health tracking and more? Reach out to us!

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