A Year Full of Gratitude

We have so many reasons to be thankful. We thank all of you—our clients, peers and colleagues—for working with us through these times. And we are grateful for all the research and insights we were able to help reveal this past year for our clients and for the industry. As we celebrate this season of gratitude, we look back on some amazing successes.


We had wonderful opportunities this year to partner on amazing projects with non-profit organizations.


  • “Invest Forward: Closing the Investing Gap for Black and Latina Low to Moderate-Income Women,” created with Commonwealth, helps shed light on the financial and investing behaviors, needs, wants and aspirations of these groups.
  • The Evolution of Demographic Questions” is an ongoing project with the Insights Association’s IDEA Council to help the industry learn how to ask more inclusive demographic questions for race and ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Inside the Researcher Mindset”, produced in partnership with Women in Research (WIRe) and other industry partners, uncovers how the pandemic has impacted insights professionals in a variety of areas.

Our ongoing Logica Future of Money study again shows forward-looking trends that help our clients succeed. For example:


  • Americans continue to rapidly adopt new financial behaviors, with more saving and investing;
  • Gen Z is proving to be financially resourceful with unique money management habits; and
  • People look to employers, financial brands and advisors for leadership and guidance in times of change.

A new wave of The Future of Money study is queuing up to be released next month, and we will be sharing highlights soon. If you’d like a sneak peek, or schedule a call to see the results, reach out to me.


With gratitude,
Lilah and the Logica Team

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